Ծանոթանալ The legend of the first wine տեքստի հետ։Դուրս գրել անծանոթ բառերը։

Նախադասությունների մեջ տեղադրել a/an/the/—.

  1. Carol’s father works as an engineer.
  2. The tomatos are 99 pence a kilo.
  3. Ben has a terrible headache.
  4. Let’s sing a song.
  5. Amily needs a new desk in her room.
  6. Peter has an aunt in Berlin.
  7. My mother is learning to play thepiano.
  8. Do you know where I put the newspaper?
  9. It is better to tell the truth.
  10. That was a horrible mistake.
  11. She is reading an English book.
  12. Did you get the flowers that I sent you?
  13. Which bike do you like? – the red one.
  14. The house on the corner has beautiful flowers.
  15. Monday is always a hard day.
  16. Shall we meet at thesame place tomorrow?
  17. This is the only car I could buy.
  18. The children ate anorange and two  apples.
  19. The Moon goes round the Earth.
  20. What is the highest mountain in the world.
  21. Look at the appples on that tree. They are very big.
  22. Women are  often better teachers than men.
  23. In Britain coffee is more expensive than tea.
  24. Life would be very  difficult without electricity.
  25. I know someone who wrote a book about the life of Ghandi.

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