Rudyard Kipling: If

I read the rhyme, but I didn’t get it’s meaning…

I think that this poem is about inner self… I know it sounds kinda crazy, but I think this way. The poem is really weird and while reading I understood that inner self is better than any other advisor / therapist.

I think we need just to listen to our inner selves, when others are doing something do not repeat other people’s mistakes…

For me it’s kinda motivational, but anyways this is strange.

…If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too…

I think this quote is the wisest, cleverest…line…

Well, I got it just now.

Ok, just look what I got here, I found some info about this poem, so…

In short, If is an inspirational poem that provides advice on how one should live one’s life. The poem takes the reader through various ways in which the reader can rise above adversity that will almost certainly be thrown one’s way at some point in one’s lives.

This is one of the most popular poems of the last century, and its inspirational messages hold true today as much as they did when it was written in 1910. 

Well I think this can show you a lot of stuff…

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