p. 12


they are — they’re

it is not — it’s not / it isn’t

that is — that’s

I am not — I’m not

You are not — you’re not


I am not rich.

This bag is heavy.

These bags are heavy.

Look! There is Carol.

My brother and I are good tennis players.

Emily is at home. Her children are at school.

I am a taxi driver. My sister is a nurse.


I’m not hungry, but I’m thirty.

Mr. Thomas is a very old man. He’s 98.

These chairs aren’t beautiful, but are comfortable.

The weather is nice today. It’s warm and sunny.

» You’re late. » » No, I’m not. I’m early!»

Catherine isn’t at home. She’s at work.

«It’s your coat.» «Oh, thank you very much. «


My name is Vard,

I am from Paraqar.

I’m 16.

I don’t have a job yet.

My famourite color is gray.

I’m interested in religions.


They’re hungry.

He’s afraid.

It’s hot.

She is angry.

It’s cold.


It’s windy today. / It’s not windy today.

My hands are cold. /My hands aren’t cold.

Brazil is a very big country. / Brazil isn’t a very big country.

Diaminds are cheap. Diamonds aren’t cheap.

Toronto is in the US. / Toronto isn’t in the US.

I’m hungry. / I’m not hungry.

I’m a good swimmer. / I’m not a good swimmer.

I’m interested in football. / I’m not interested in football.

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