What is advertising?

What is Advertising?  

Advertising  is the marketing communication to create awareness about the product or service to ultimately influence the customer to reach to the purchase decision.  It is primarily a promotion tool of the business to market anything and everything under the roof. It is an effective process to reach or build brand awareness of a product/brand/idea/service .  

2 kinds of advertising are : organic adv and paid adv. Organic advertising is done through the  word of mouth publicity. Paid advertising is done using various mediums.  

What are the Forms of Advertising?

Advertising is undertaken in various forms such as TV commercials, product placement, newspaper/ magazine ads, billboards, internet/ online, radio ads, posters, even people in the form of endorsement and much more. It aims to inform the target audience about the business or event that is being promoted with an intention to create awareness among broader audiences.  

Now, There  are  tons of shoe brands in the market which come under the same product category and usage. It makes a difference in the minds of the audience in the way marketers promote the product USP.  

Many times, we have experienced marketers using emotional aspects while advertising, maybe a social angle or breaking stereotypes or health aspects, or even a festive feel.

During the Christmas holidays, we see the same products being advertised differently to make it more attractive in terms of appeal and usage.  

We need to understand the Importance/purpose of marketing.

Advertising the product

Advertising’s sole purpose is to sell — a product, a service or even an idea. It is the very first step as it acts as an introduction about your product and most importantly to tell the world about your brand.

Advertising creates awareness but also helps to convey the motive of the product.  Most importantly, effective marketing through advertising creates brand loyalty in the long run.  

Creating demand

With adequate advertising strategies, marketers create an impression in the minds of the target audience.

Before any product goes into production, sales projections are calculated in order to get
the cost of production and understand the demand and supply chain. Effective advertising promotes sales, and drives return on advertising. 
Successful advertising eventually gives the confidence to the business for product diversification or geographic expansion.   


Advertising allows you to be a step ahead of your competitor. How you and your competitors
react are very important factors as the public is well aware nowadays. It’s very imp to know your competitor. Like how burger king and Mcdonalds advertise, creates a huge impact on the public.

Hence, There is a product for everyone.

Now for example,If the audience needs energy, there is Redbull, if they want to eat burgers, there are Hungry Jacks if they wish to utilize low-cost airlines there is Jetstar. There is a product promoted for every need of human beings.  

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