Are we addicted to our smarfones?

Of course we are.

There are millions of people who just don’t know how to use smartphone in right way.

Alright, I’m addicted to, but not like other people. When I unlock my smartphone, I open my Instagram, check the group chats, search for vines and thats all for that app. Then I open my Pinterest, to search some digital artists or designs for different outfits, search some inspiration. Then I open my Shazam or Youtube and search for some music. When I finally end my trip in social media world with my visit in Youtube, I open my box full of my stuff, and knitt or crochet.

Well, I think in my generation kids or teenagers use smartphons a lot. And that’s annoying, by the way. Lots of moms just turn on some cartoons on smartphones, to make their children eat. But that is wrong, because they don’t understand what they eat. They just automatically open their mounth eat the food, and after 15 minutes be ready for another command of making something to eat…again.

But teenagers…well…their small quality, know what is time management. It helps you to use your time wisely. So, like a teenager from that small quality, I know how to spend my time with smartphone wisely. Whatever I do, and wherever I do, I use my smartphone. I listen to music, and while listening I learn words in Chinese, Japanese, English, Russian (slang) etc. But there is a big quality of teenagers who use their smartphones for just for using it, they don’t know what else they can do. They live their lifes in Instagram, liking stupid photos of naked models, or cars, or just talk to some people, post stories, and…what else? There is literally nothig to say about that, because, nobody cares that they eat taco: smile, smile, smile…

Then — adults. Adults usually check their Facebook accounts. They like some political stuff, food stuff, celebration stuff, car stuff and parent stuff. But they can also forgot about their works/job. Or there can be people who end their work at first, and then take the smartphone.

And then, there are old gentlemans and ladies. They use Messinger or Skype to talk to their family members, who live in Russia, for example. Or they check some Facebook stuff: who’s birthday today, what is happening in our country etc.

At least I wanna say that, we have to understand what is smartphone for…actually…

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