English today

We all understand that the most universal and the first foreign language that comes to mind is English. If you know English, then in whatever part of the planet you are located, it will be obviously easier for you, even if the person opposite you doesn’t speak English, you still feel some superiority, because you, as an educated tourist, speak English, and Mustafa in a Turkish hotel can talk to you in drunk Russian at most.

 But on the other hand, in Europe, it will probably be more difficult to find a person who does not speak English, and I’m not talking about the service staff right now, just approach a random person on the street, if he is young especially, then even if at the age, the vast majority is fluent in English. And I’ve always wondered…why?

Both — they and we learn English at school, and they and we have equally free access to the Internet and, as a result, to any English-language content…including. We know that at least the letters in the alphabet are different… right? Or I don’t know…I have such a theory … that the older generation has some kind of skepticism and attitude to Western culture, as to something foreign, here, not their own. And it is transmitted perhaps to a new generation and therefore we obviously also have this attitude… I don’t know, it’s all guesses, and I have a whole list of guesses, and they are based on personal experience.

I would like to show you the role of the English language in the life of a European, and in the life of a resident of the CIS. In how many of them it is considered the norm to watch movies, TV shows, all sorts of shows and other content in the original, that is, in English, so few people do it here. In how much the norm is considered to read the Twitter of various figures in English, read books in English, read the news of your favorite sports in English, and so on and so forth. And they do not even think about the fact that, among other things, their level of English can be called CONVERSATIONAL. And not the level of Nastya Ivleeva…

 Although learning English can be challenging and time-consuming, we can see that it is also very valuable to learn and can create many opportunities!…

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